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os2world website script problem?

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Here it is.

Dave Yeo:
Unluckily, all that happens when running test.exe after installing the device driver is it instantly locks up the system needing a power off to recover (USB Keyboard). Tested on a legacy and a EUFI install.

That would mean that there is no HW that would offer the legacy VGA register set.
Can you provide PCI.EXE output for that system?
The driver checks for a VGA device on the PCI bus and should fail to load if it does not find any.

Dave Yeo:

Hm, your PCI exe output lists a "VGA device".
Can you try the attached ? There is an issue: a VGA compatible color device should have its register block be located at 0x3Dy and a mono device at 0x3By but it looks like many devices have their register block located at 0x3By even if they are color devices.

I have now hardcoded the register block at 0x3By in VSYNC.SYS. Can you try if that makes a difference ?


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