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os2world website script problem?

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Dave Yeo:
Here, the CPU metre calms down to one CPU using about 1-2% after some seconds, about 5% typing this. Try doing a CTRL-F5 to force a reload of the page, perhaps both logged in and logged out. If that doesn't work, it may be a profile problem.
I've had similar now and again, never tracked it down to a particular page, might have been OS2World, the only fix that I found was reverting to an older profile from before the CPU usage thing hit. One of the reasons I use session manager add-on.
I have discovered with the Mozilla apps, it is important not to shut them down while they're busy.

Martin Iturbide:

Now that I'm back, I want to check this, but I'm now sure what it should be failing.
I remember that Dave told me about a .gif file that was causing problems in SeaMonkey and Firefox (OS/2 Only), but now we will have to which is the new issue.


Dave Yeo:
Hi Martin, hope you had a good trip. I don't think it is a GIF issue that Pete is experiencing. For me things are low CPU. Unluckily SeaMonkey and Firefox seem to get stuck using a lot of CPU occasionally.

Hi All

It seems that whatever has been causing cpu peaking on os2world has now gone away - see attached Normal01.jpg

Changes this end:
   1] I logged out of both website and forum on my last visit
   2]  Moved Gotcha! Quiet out of Startup folder - probably totally irrelevant

I have obviously logged in to the Forum to post this, logged in at and started Gotcha Quiet! none of which have started cpu's peaking.

Maybe Martin found something to tweak? - In which case, Thanks Martin.



Rich Walsh:

Pete, where does that CPU meter in your screenshots come from? Is it a 3rd-party replacement or is it just so old I don't recognize it? (I rewrote "Pulse" 4 years ago in XWP 1.0.13.)


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