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somFree - Portable implementation of SOM


Martin Iturbide:
"A portable clean-room implementation of IBM's SOM. Includes DSOM capabilities with CORBA IDL and IIOP."

I'm not sure for how long was this project on SourceForge. But it looks it had been some activity recently (2013-01)

I don't know much about it, but I hope it can also help us to have a open source clone of SOM on our platform. The compiled files are only available for some *nix flavours, but maybe it can help us on the future.

It is an open source project under the LGPL V3 license.

UPDATE: I noticed the project was registered 4 days ago.  And the source code it says is from "Roger Brown's Toolkit"(LGPLv3)

Martin Iturbide:
Nice. Roger added a "Completeness" page to see the progress of the project:

A windows port of it was released too.


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