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AToF - 02 - Platform Build - serving up x64 apps to ArcaOS

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Alfredo Fernández Díaz:

--- Quote from: JTA on December 07, 2023, 02:11:57 pm ---Nice write-up, Alfredo ... your pic does a better job of displaying the "remoteapp" part of things.

--- End quote ---

Thank you for your presentation at warpstock -- it really made me start 'moving' again... : )

That's not my pic, however; that one came straight from the official FreeRDP site. I'm not really a regular here so not overly familiar with the BBcode in the forum -- my bad that I didn't make the pic source more apparent.

--- Quote ---I've installed FreeRDP, sorted out dependencies, and can display a desktop from a Win VM. What I expected, and works well. When I try to fiddle with the remoteapp tab of FreeRDP, there are apparently some additional cfg steps (tweaks?) required ... from what I can find on the 'net so far, we might need some registry settings, and some .rdp cfg file rework. There might also be some github utilities that do the heavy lifting for us.

You have it running, so do you recall or have noted exactly what those steps are?
--- End quote ---

Sorry but I don't have it really running. I just got a warper friend to run it a couple of days ago as a proof of concept, and it seemed to work with some simple base applications (notepad, etc.) but I haven't had the time to fiddle much with this, or bump into much myself yet. Given my current (lack of) experience and time, you probably may get better information about 'advanced' remote application parameters (or quirks) by looking at the script included with FreeRDP/2 to run Word, as I would assume that is likely just about the one application that will make things the most difficult for 'outsiders' ; )

Edit: one thing I can definitely say is, before giving up, or considering your FreeRDP (or RDesktop) client connections done, is turn on the connection console for them -- so you can have a clue what your connection problems, if any, are. This you can do from the object context menu, as I can't seem to find a checkbox or other setting for that in the properties notebook now.


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