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AToF - Platform *Built* - how do I buy one!


On the OS2World forum (virtualization category), all the information is there to build an AToF yourself, and this platform was demonstrated at Warpstock 2023. I build these things in my sleep, as I've worked with countless OS's & physical hardware. It's what I love doing ... and from that, the possibilities and opportunities to solve problems are endless.

Anyone else can do the same, if they can wrap their head around a new way of doing things, and the AToF build is like that ... some head-wrapping (and assembly) required.

Sometimes, when a somewhat complicated platform build gets introduced, the complication gets in the way of putting it to work. Even though the AToF build solves many tough problems (for ArcaOS, how do we get around networking/wifi, filesystems, x64 app access, etc.), it might not get off dead center (thinking about using it) and into production (actually using it).

Over the past year or so, I've pondered how to produce the AToF build for others, in these ways:

1. build it for others, because they just don't have the time, and they'd rather pay someone else to do it. The issues here are trust (do you send your $2500 device to me, and hope you get it back?), too many different kinds of platforms (many of which you've already bought, and each subtly different from the others), and so on.

2. do we produce a "live" version of it (iso, dvd), so that you can plug it into your DT/LT, and see it running? Perhaps have an option to "install" from the live build? Many issues here, as there is licensed software throughout (Windows, ArcaOS, etc.) ... easy to say "some assembly required" with the build process, but hard to "pre-package" for you.

3. Perhaps someone would be willing to "buy" an SSD/NVME drive along with an installation service? Nothing gets sent in (avoids the trust issue), we just have to spec what will work in your DT/LT, have you buy the "package" (the SSD/NVME drive, licenses, build effort, s&h), build it in our shop, and ship it to you. You install it, and there is the AToF build, in all its glory! Obviously, once a "typical" platform is agreed upon (say, one type of Dell desktop and one type of Dell laptop), what we build should plug right in to what you have. In most cases, the AToF HostOS (windows or linux) would itself sort out any minor differences not known about, through it's own "plug and play" mechanisms.

This last one "seems" reasonable ... are we getting close to something workable?

There could be opportunities here, for ArcaOS, for someone like the Blond Guy (all of whom I was honored to meet at Warpstock 2023), or anyone else willing to step up and sort out the build process and all the OS licensing involved.

If you are very happy with one ArcaOS, one DT/LT today, nothing needs to change. You might also be very happy with your multi-boot scheme, whatever that might be. AToF is basically a multi-VM scheme. But, if you want to solve some of those very thorny problems for the one OS on one physical box approach, perhaps a test run of the AToF build is in your future!

What do you think? What would get an AToF build onto your DT/LT, short of me driving to your house, and doing it for you?

Another build option ...

4. Remote setup - As AToF relies on a HostOS to be installed, a totally remote setup of AToF seems possible, and could survive reboots (resume session). Customer has shiny new DT/LT (or used, as in my test case), and installs Teamviewer host component (or any similar product), with internet connectivity. AToF tech remotes in, owner authorizes the session, and the AToF process starts. This is more for Windows as HostOS, as folks on Linux as HostOS probably don't need the assistance. steps:
  - review remote access & system (can reboot occur, and session resume?)
  - WAU Manager
  - prep for amelioration (AME)
  - Virtualbox
  - final review
  - build VM's (ArcaOS, others)
  - handoff to owner

Again, all viable options (as in, someone wants to do it this way) are for those who just don't have the time to set up AToF themselves, and *want* to pay someone else to do it.


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