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Lenovo Thinkpad T14s 1st Gen - 20T1

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Martin Iturbide:

I got my hands on a Lenovo Thinkpad T14s 1st Gen - 20T1 (20T1S0D400 - Intel i7-10610U CPU). I installed ArcaOS 5.1.0 (UEFI) and it is now booting in dual boot with Windows 11.

I'm still missing to play more with it but I found two things:

1) Trackpoint has an issue with AMouse driver. The trackpad works find and click fine. But on the trackpoint, if I click the right left mouse button, while my other finger is still on the trackpoint (possible making a light movement), it will produce a double click. Have you experienced that?

2) The machine does not has a visible ethernet port. But it recognized a Ethernet adapter (E1000B.os2)  (Intel Ethernet Connection (10) I219-LM / 8086:0D4E) on the install procedure. I installed it and it does not give any warning on boot. I have no idea if it is for an external USB-C Ethernet thing. Any ideas?

FYI: Here I'm writing the Hardware Review on the Wiki: https://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php/Lenovo_Thinkpad_T14s_1st_Gen_-_20T1


Neil Waldhauer:
My experience with Lenovo Thinkpad T14 was that it had an RJ45 Ethernet port. Perhaps all models do not have it. I had it before ArcaOS 5.1 came out, but after all the betas expired, so I did not take a testlog.

Sigurd Fastenrath:
Congratulations, Martin.

How much RAM of the first 4 GB is visible to und usable by ARcaOS?

Thank you!

Martin Iturbide:

About the Ethernet thing, this machine has a "Ethernet extension connector". I need to learn about that.

Sigurd, about the memory, I checked the reports very fast it was like 2GB, but let me check the report again and post back.


Martin Iturbide:
Hi again.

Here it is report from testlog when I was booting from the USB Memory.

--- Quote ---Loader's physical memory layout:
  Memory below 1MB: 624.00 KiB
  Memory between 1MB and 4GB: 2.42 GiB
  Memory below 4GB: 2.42 GiB
  Memory above 4GB: 13.21 GiB
Kernel's physical memory layout (4):
  From 00000000 to 00032FFF size=204.00 KiB
  From 00034000 to 00036FFF size=12.00 KiB
  From 0003F000 to 0009BFFF size=372.00 KiB
  From 00100000 to A89BFFFF size=2.63 GiB
Physical memory: 2.63 GiB
Available memory: 2.38 GiB
Available Private memory: 302.43 MiB
Available Shared memory: 255.06 MiB
Virtual Address Limit: 1024
--- End quote ---

Sigurd, let me know if this answer your question, or you need some other information.



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