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Lenovo Thinkpad T14s 1st Gen - 20T1

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Sigurd Fastenrath:
Thank you Martin,

2.3 GB ist a very good value compared to other mordern Laptops, all in all it is better compared what I usually get, but less than one would like to have/need for the "big" RAM Applications.

- Installation not possible on Thinkpad X1 carbon 10th Gen.

- each 1GB on Thinkpad T470 and T480, but both of those have discret Grafics, so may 1.5GB possilbe with only Chipset grafic.

Thanks again.

Martin Iturbide:

--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on December 07, 2023, 02:13:25 pm ---1) Trackpoint has an issue with AMouse driver. The trackpad works find and click fine. But on the trackpoint, if I click the right left mouse button, while my other finger is still on the trackpoint (possible making a light movement), it will produce a double click. Have you experienced that?

--- End quote ---

I think I found more about this issue. I think it is my hand palm pressing against the "mousepad" (Lenovo calls it "Trackpad"), if I raise my palm in a very uncomfortable way to don't touch it, the trackpoint left click works as expected everytime. In Windows I don't have this issue, I guess there is some software control to improve this issue. Maybe a workarround is to disable the "Trackpad" in the BIOS.


Andi B.:

--- Quote ---Maybe a workarround is to disable the "Trackpad" in the BIOS.
--- End quote ---
Please report back if you can disable the Touchpad in BIOS and if Trackpoint and associated (mouse)keys still work. Thanks.

Martin Iturbide:
Hello Andi

I disabled the "Trackpad" (mousepad) on the UEFI BIOS (Check picture), it was very simple.
The Trackpoint work fine now, the associated keys seems to be working. and I'm happy for the moment.

I was checking more about the Trackpoint/Trackpad on the Windows 11 partition. This device is ELAN branded, and what we are missing on ArcaOS would be the capacity of turn on/off the Trackpoint or Trackpad with software. On the Trackpad we are missing more features for settings, but the one that seems to do the trick here is the "Palmcheck" function on Windows (Check picture). Sadly we don't have it on ArcaOS.


Martin Iturbide:
Hello again.

HDMI video output works only if you select on the BIOS "Boot Display Device = External Display". This will show in my case the AN Boot Manager, ArcaOS loading and later the desktop. It will not show ArcaOS on the Thinkpad display at the same time. If you power off, disconnect the external display, and boot again, the video will show back on the Thinkpad display.

I guess this is good, I tested here with a monitor, but I think it will work with a projector, but not both screens at the same time.



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