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EXE header 'Module' field change - how?


Dariusz Piatkowski:
This is more of a nuisance driven inquiry, but the UPSMONS util (UPS Monitor) has the following EXEHDR defintion:

--- Code: ---...
Module:                         TEMPLATE
Description:                    VisPro/REXX Runtime Version 2.01, COPYRIGHT (c)
HockWare Inc. 1994
Executable format level:        0
CPU type:                       Intel 80386 or upwardly compatible
Operating system:               Operating System/2

Module type:                    Program
                                NO internal fixups in executable image
Application type:               Uses PM Windowing API

--- End code ---

Subsequently, TEMPLATE is what shows up in Theseus instead of 'UPSMONS'.

Looking at this I thought: "hmm, so I'm guessing this may be coming from the EXE HDR", and indeed it is, "so how can I change that?"

Is there a quick way to to do so? I'm thinking one of the OS/2 Toolkit utils may do this...but nothing obvious jumps out at me looking at the "Tools" INF.

Any ideas?

Dave Yeo:
A binary editor would do the job as they both have the same number of characters


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