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How do you transfer your old WPS to eCS 2.2 ?

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Greggory Shaw:
I was thinking about a new install of my eCS 2.1 system.

So the question is with eCS 2.2 coming out soon, is there a way to transfer your old desktop ?

I think I remember Object Desktop had that ability.



The installer of eCS 2.2, as of every other OS/2 distribution, has the migration (update) feature which lets you install eCS 2.2 over your previous 2.1 installation without losing your files or WPS desktop classes/objects information and configuration.

Andi B.:

--- Quote ---...has the migration (update) feature ...
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And numerous times have been warned not use it. Maybe it works for you satisfactory. But make a good backup before you try it.

Maybe the easier way is to copy over the 2.2 enhancements to you current installation manually. ACPI, OS2AHCI, kernel, USB and ...? Did I forgot something? ;)

OS/2 always had a nice installer... before eCS.


--- Quote from: Andi B. on March 13, 2014, 11:27:54 am ---copy ... ACPI, OS2AHCI, kernel, USB and ...? Did I forgot something? ;)

--- End quote ---
Already :)


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