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Mike Engle:
New laptop (notebook).  Has anyone had any success connecting a parallel printer to a USB port?  I have a cable.  Do I need a driver?  If so where do I find said driver?


What printer?

Some work using an adapter cable.  For me, the solution was to put my printers on the network which ment they were accessible from any computer in the house without problems.

Mike Engle:
HP laserjet 2100 located in my office at work (University) so I have to stay local (USB, was parallel cable).  At home I put an HP color laserjet on the home network.  It runs great even with the incorrect old (included) driver.
Thanks, ME

Roderick Klein:
Uuugh if you want to be easier take this:

I think there is little experience with USB to parallel port adapters on OS/2. Then again I would assume the printer would work would as this should work like a USB printer class device.
But that is nothing else then an educated guess!

Note none of these devices I recommend. I just picked a random device so you have an example would type of device you can look for.


Martin Iturbide:
Hello Mike

Long time ago (2001), I wrote this article about connecting an USB Printer

But that was on 2001, at that time I used and USB to Parallel adapter, I didn't have an USB printer, and I was using OS/2 Warp 4.52 and no CUPS. Expect it to be outdated.

Maybe this can be a good time to create an updated article.



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