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USB to Parallel

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Martin Iturbide:

- So, ArcaOS 5.1, HP 2100 Laserjet (Parallel port only), USB-Parallel adapter (Prolific_IEEE_1284), HP 2100 Laserjet legacy drivers works, but it is very slow.

I have little experience here, maybe someone else can share his opinion.
- Will it be about tweaking more the HP 2100 Laserjet (Legacy Driver) settings?
- Does CUPS in OS/2 also works for USB ? or only Network?


Hi Martin

Yes, cups works with usb printers - or did last time I tried a few years ago. Does not use the usbprt.sys driver, uses libusb/usbcalls for output.
No idea if that would work better/faster with a usb to parallel lead though...



Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Pete

Today I tried CUPS driver with USB, and now I see the trick. When it is plugged it will show you the port (like the picture attached). I printed a test PDF with color and worked fine.

Mike, I think it is time to try the CUPS driver. With the printer attached to the USB port try "Computer -> Printers -> Install CUPS Printer" and follow the instructions for your HP printer and let's hope you see a printing difference.



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