Author Topic: OS/2 extended attributes, the NSA and Wanna Cry on Youtube  (Read 497 times)

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OS/2 extended attributes, the NSA and Wanna Cry on Youtube
« on: July 07, 2024, 05:53:24 am »
OS/2 extended attributes, SMBv1, mismatched variable sizes, the NSA and Wanna cry.

Interesting little video (2 actually) that mentions OS/2 extended attributes -
while describing some microsoft vulnerabilities located around SMB.

While the vulnerability was patched with software updates, even for
Windows XP, I have stopped applying updates to my Win7 machine because one (or more) of
the updates break my scanners.  I guess I COULD apply each update individually and then test
all my applications to see if any of them are broken - or not.

FWIW: I also had an Apple update to my wife's iPhone 6 disable the speaker you hold up to your ear.  I bought a new 
speaker and installed but it didn't fix the problem.  It was only when my wife bought a replacement iPhone
and I was talking to the Apple Store people about trading in the iPhone 6 that the Apple rep
told me a software update disabled the ear speaker.  And Apple only gives you a limited time to downgrade to a previous IOS version after updating; I was way beyond that limited time.

If you have a windows machine and are concerned, this might be of interest

This SMBv1 vulnerability appears to be specific to Windows Windows platforms running SMBv1.