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Merge two JFS volumes

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Andi B.:
Depending if files with same names but different content are on each drive I would -
- simply copy with proper 4os2 options (update or not....)
- xcopy
- copy with LarsenCommander (asks for overwrite, read-only... files)

But I fear I don't fully understand what you're want to do as the answer is too simple.

If I ever need to 'expand' a volume I simply create another one big enough from a spare place on one of my disks, assign a temporary drive letter, copy over all, remove drive letter from old volume and assign it to the newly created one. Old volume can be delete then.

Doug Bissett:

--- Quote --- I booted one up and sure enough the LVM program has the option => Expand !
--- End quote ---

Yes, that is where it is done. ECS has the same menu item.

--- Quote from: Eugene Gorbunoff on March 14, 2014, 11:51:44 am ---Don't Expand.

In this case it's impossible recover data from broken JFS volume.
--- End quote ---

Two comments on that: 1) It is almost impossible to recover data from a normal volume, broken or not. That is what backups are for. 2) It has been a number of years since I saw a broken volume.

I will agree that merging them might cause new problems, but that is one of the reasons why I want to give it a try. There is also one line in CONFIG.SYS, that doesn't need to be there, if it is not going to work.

--- Quote ---But I fear I don't fully understand what you're want to do as the answer is too simple.
--- End quote ---

I am in a position where I want to merge a couple of volumes, and the LVM Expand option would seem to be an obvious answer to how to do it. I have done the method where both volumes are deleted, then create a single volume in the freed area. In fact I have two machines, with pretty much the same requirement (all on one disk), with a third that has the two volumes on separate physical disks. The third one is an old test machine, so I may try that first. I should have enough room to put all of the data on the one volume, then expand it into the freed area where the other volume is now (after freeing it). I don't think I can just paste the two volumes, and their contents, together, but I may see if there is a way to do that. In the third case, it is not possible to simply delete the two volumes, and create one in the freed area.

Since it seems that nobody has actually done it, I will need to do a bit more research, and see what happens. Somebody may find the information useful.

Thanks for the comments...

Andreas Schnellbacher:
As Andi wrote: Simply copy the files over to the larger volume at first.

Use DFSee to delete the smaller volume and advance the larger volume's size.

Use LVM or DFSee to adjust the drive letter.


Doug, you might be lucky with your setup but we tried it a couple of years ago (using WSeB) and it DID NOT work.  In fact the tech that was trying it ended up wiping the machine and doing a full restore from the backup.  Since then we have kept clear of doing anything like that again.

DFSee cannot neither merge, nor move, nor resize JFS volumes.

I had a positive experience with expanding JFS volumes.

You can even try it without moving data from one volume to another.


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