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LinearMemoryMap.cmd => new version produces an error...why?


Dariusz Piatkowski:
So Steven Levine published an updated version of this awesome util, but I'm now seeing an error, which I can't quite decipher:

--- Code: ---[G:\util\theseus]linearmemorymap
Writing results to G:\util\theseus\linearmemorymap-20231223-1059.lst

[G:\util\theseus]G:\OS2\CMD.EXE /c G:\UTIL\MISC\LinearMemoryMap.cmd -  1>G:\util\theseus\linearmemorymap-20231223-1059.lst
Running from G:\util\theseus
NOVALUE signaled at G:\UTIL\MISC\LinearMemoryMap.cmd line 190.
REXX reason = DIR.
Source ="if dir \== '' then".
   545 *-*         Call lineout 'STDERR', 'Exiting.';
       +++   Interactive trace. "Trace Off" to end debug, ENTER to Continue.

   546 *-*         Nop;

   547 *-*         If symbol('RC') \== 'VAR';

   547 *-*         Then;
   548 *-*           rc = 255;

   549 *-*         Exit rc;

ERROR signaled at G:\UTIL\MISC\LinearMemoryMap.cmd line 114.
REXX reason = G:\OS2\CMD.EXE /c G:\UTIL\MISC\LinearMemoryMap.cmd - >G:\util\theseus\linearmemorymap-20231223-1059.lst.
RC = 255.
Source ="cmd".
   545 *-*         Call lineout 'STDERR', 'Exiting.';
       +++   Interactive trace. "Trace Off" to end debug, ENTER to Continue.

   546 *-*         Nop;

   547 *-*         If symbol('RC') \== 'VAR';

   549 *-*         Exit rc;

--- End code ---

I'm running this from the Theseus directory, the linearmemorymap-20231223-1059.lst is created, and appears to be fine.

Any ideas?

Hi Darirusz
Simply what I see, is that the CMD seeks in a series of roads, where people abitually install the Theseus. And on that path it is not.
If you edit the CMD, and you put these lines to work.

--- Code: ---  if queryResult \== '' then leave
    exePath = 'G:\util\theseus\theseus4.exe'
    queryResult = stream(exePath, 'C', 'QUERY EXISTS')

--- End code ---
Approximately line 154
What I don't know is like taking advantage of this tool.

Steven Levine:
Dariuz, I don't think you are running the current version of LinearMemoryMap.cmd.  The if statement is not at line 190 in recent versions.

That said, you have discovered a defect.  There is a code path that does not  define dir before it is used.  A fix should be uploaded to http://www.warpcave.com/betas/ soon.

Steven Levine:


a try.

Dariusz Piatkowski:
Good sir!!!

It works fine now.

I was using your latest code, but I added my own section in the 'expose' procedure to point to where my Theseus was installed - as opposed to changing the two "well known places" you had already accounted for. Then when I had ran into that issue I commented that code out, but left it in the source, which is the reason why you're seeing the missmatch.

Bad debugging & error reporting on my part, my appologies as that just wasted your time trying to pinpoint where the issue was.

Thanks again Steven...!


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