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Arca Noae should be directly involved in web browser development efforts

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Andrew Stephenson:
(Photo of sign board in snow:)  Er, sub-titles?  (Please.)   ???

My answer to the problem, since I will not run a browser without NoScript addon, is to have a second monitor connected to one of my Linux computers and run firefox esr on that.


--- Quote from: Roderick Klein on January 06, 2024, 03:49:53 pm ---
I just explain this above for people who did not see my Warpstock presentation I did in Orlando in November last year.
I am currently working on an updated newsletter about the browser development. VOICE has not forgotten about the browser, The panful issue is that without this stiupid war we would have had a browser.

Roderick Klein

--- End quote ---

Hi Roderick full respect for those ones who experience a hard period because of....we all know what/who.

But this post has "Arca Noae" as subject. It is a profit Company who sells a pc operating system at 139€ as personal edition including support for the first 6 months, then pay 70€ if you need support the following year, not talking about the major costs for the commercial license.  This in the situation that "the community does a portion of the OS development"???  And this portion of development includes the realization of an actual browser. In both purchase cases (139 € personal, 249 € commecial) you will get an operating system "running on modern multi-core and multi-processor systems, as well as traditional BIOS or UEFI-based hardware" that can offer you nothing more than Firefox38/Seamonkey2.41 browsers, released in 2015, two years old by the year AN took in charge the OS2 development for selling purpose.
They did a lot, true, but telling that a modern/actual/reliable browser realization (or at least ported from an existing one) is not part of their tasks, is too much.

Sigurd Fastenrath:
Arca Noae has the right to pick or choose the things, they want to develoep or make their target. That's true and OK.

Regarding the browser the "American/English" users may discover the feelings for waiting for years for something as Users from other languages, whom are waiting for their local release.


- the german Version was announced some years ago (Yes, allways with the hint that it "may" come and depends on the Translators)

Result today: still not available, should come with 5.1.1.

- the WLAN Drivers, have been "focused" or "considered" for at least 5 years now

Result today: no WLAN drivers available, no plan for a further developement in this direction (if I understand Warpstock 2023 correct).

Yes, you can say we have UEFI, GPT support and USB 3.0, that is what industrial customers need. And one can install XWP 1.0.16 with language support.

But for me, the result is the same: if I want to use OS/2 it makes definitly more sense to use a Virtualisation, where I can use a native language version, WLAN of the host, no RAM problem with a maximum of 4 GB usable, and support for the screen resolutions, the Laptop offers.

In this situation there is no need for a new browser as one can simply use the browser of the host OS,

And in addition, as a logical consequence, there is no need for another or newer Version of OS/2 than at least 4.52. There is no need for ArcaOS.

And so: it makes (sadly) no sense for me to spend more money for a modern browser nor to pursuade someone to do so.


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