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Installing VisualAge 4 on ArcaOS 5.x

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Do the "mixed CID" installation:

1) create a file "parms.txt" with the following content assuming that:
    a) D: is your installation drive letter
    b) D: is your boot drive letter (see /B: parameter)
    c) V: is your CD-ROM drive letter
    d) adjust the main path (VACInstDir) to your liking
    e) adjust the samples path (VACSampDir) to your liking
    f) adjust the OS/2 toolkit path (VACToolDir) to your liking


Then run this from the directory where you created file "parms.txt":

clifi.exe /A:B /F:"<WP_DESKTOP>" /PARMS:parms.txt

You will get an installation object on your desktop where you can then select/deselect installation options.

Also find attached a text file that explains how to setup the help system. The help system still works with Firefox, there is no need to use Netscape. The file talks about VAC 3.6.5 but the help system is the very same for VAC 4.


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