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Hobbes Retirement

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Roderick Klein:

--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on January 28, 2024, 02:47:50 pm ---Hello Roderick

Nathan is doing a good progress with the replacement development, he has the filesearch links, search inside the "long description" text and other fixes that didn't have the original hobbes. He even coded a web form for file uploads.
Even that I share your same concerns, I say let's see how it works out and see if we can evolve from there.

The important thing to start is being able to backup "Nathan's Hobbes" files (He agreed to that), and keep uploading the backup on different places like
After some days of the release we will see if this works or not, and if not, we can ask Nathan if something can be worked out.

But Roderick, I prefer if you keep going and improve OS2Site. I'm also willing to collaborate to have OS2Site as the "Main 'OLD and NEW' Repository". (Like saying HobbesArchive has the new stuff, but OS2Site/sw has everything)
I still dream of reorganizing the (After a full public backup in or course). I have on my hard drive (and backup) the same hobbes reorganized structure, but with the difference that I try to collect all older versions of the software. That is 56GB for the moment compared against the 18GB that Hobbes are right now. Yes, it is not "that interesting" to collect older versions of the software for some, but it is worth to be preserved and 56GB is not a lot of storage these days.


--- End quote ---

Sorry Martin there is only so many balls I keep in the air at the time (day has 24 hours) . I am willing to work on it but the priority for me has gone down as I simply find the current setup not workable. I also wanted to assemble a team of volunteers to process incoming on I just do not think its useful to have two servers with an upload DIR.


Ian B Manners:
After 32 Years, One of the Net's Oldest Software Archives Is Shutting Down

Ian B Manners:
After 32 years, one of the ’Net’s oldest software archives is shutting down

Martin Iturbide:
There was an update the "The Register" article that I just read.

--- Quote ---Updated to add on January 16:

A representative from the New Mexico State University told The Reg: “We have made the difficult decision to no longer host these files on Although I am unable to go into specifics, we had to evaluate our priorities and had to make the difficult decision to discontinue the service. “We tried to pick a date far enough out to provide the community time to gather the files and find a new home. It has been fascinating to see the stories people have shared about this server. “The NMSU team that is currently supporting [the] server is trying their best to meet the needs of the community. We have provided additional resources for Hobbes as there was a clear spike in traffic after the announcement. If we have additional information, we will update”
--- End quote ---



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