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[SOLVED] DFSEE open source (17) not running on Warp4.52 Virtualbox guest

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Hi all, I'm finding this issue: my previous DFSee installation was the evaluation one, now asking for a valid key to run. I've found on the eCSoft/2 pages this version defined free-open source and installed it replacing the expired one, providing its uninstallation before.
In the new situation, running the object DFSOS2 returns an error window in the middle of a command-prompt window (see image). Also trying to start the RUN DFSee object returns same error alert, not specifying anything else than "IBMS506$ device does not recognize the command", which I cannot translate in something useful.
Is anyone aware of what can be done to run this DFSee ?
Thank you much

Dave Yeo:
What happens if you ignore the error and continue?

no way to get out from there until I select End program/commad/operation

Did you totally remove the old version before you installed v17?  What you are describing sounds as if there are parts of the old version still around especially if you installed it in the previous dir.

Delete the DFSee directory, run clean ini and or xfix, then install the new version.  That is what I do when installing newer versions of existing programs it prevents old information being carried over.

Rich Walsh:
Add "AUTOFAIL=YES" to your 'config.sys'. It prevents this sort of popup and always returns an error to the app.


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