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Does AOS-5.1 large-file copying fight with FAT32?

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David Graser:
Thanks! His utility has always been hard to find.

Martin Iturbide:

--- Quote from: David Graser on January 15, 2024, 03:45:55 pm ---Thanks! His utility has always been hard to find.

--- End quote ---

Hello, sorry for my OCD here.
It is also on hobbes: https://hobbes.nmsu.edu/?dir=%2F&stype=all&sort=type_name&search=CleanINI
I also put it there, because I also have some issues finding it in the past.

Right now with the discontinuation of hobbes we will see what happens. I plan to support the next file repository to try to have all there too, if possible.


Hi David

Still available on the website http://www.ca-arnold.de/



"Carlton" ?? From "The fresh prince of Bel-Air"?
More likely named after sir Thomas Hobbes. Perhaps David Rocks, the founder of Hobbes at NMSU, can answer that.


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