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Martin Iturbide:

Just a friendly reminder that I like to collect information on how OS/2 is used in industrial machinery.

I share my findings with all of you here: https://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php/OS/2_Related_Industrial_Machinery

Please, if you know any other Industrial Machine that uses OS/2, please let me know.
Pictures of the machine, pictures of any special card it may use, software screenshots, catalogs, manuals are welcome.

What is kind of awesome is when we try to replace only the PC part of this machinery with a modern PC and maybe with ArcaOS. Depending on the machinery it is challenging to try to find a PCI card that may replace an old ISA one. Sometimes is possible, sometimes not.


Sergey Posokhov:
Laser stereolithography:
character encoding is "KOI8-R".

Gas drilling:

Heating control:

There were at least three S/360 emulators (on military plants).
Rumors once said about food production line (a software from Germany).
A system for space satellites monitoring etc.
They all extinct now.

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks for the feedback Sergey.

I will translate it and see what I can summarize on the wiki about those solutions.


PCs cannot replace PLCs, a Soft-PLC is not a PLC CPU equivalent. The same applies to Slot-PLCs.

Solutions based on OS/2 were mostly used for SCADA or HMI systems - completely irrelevant these days.

Martin Iturbide:

Just today a community member sent me a link about a different industrial device that uses ArcaOS.
But I don't understand right if it is a device for wireless testing and what exactly it does.

It sell a product that bundles ArcaOS on a VirtualBox OVA and I guess with their software:
- Cassini Virtual Workstation & OS License
- https://roos.com/parts/RIK0126A
It is used for "offline development" but I have no idea what is that for.

The site has good tutorials to support their product with ArcaOS, like:
- Configuring TCP/IP Settings on Cassini EPC (OS/2, eCS, ArcOS)
- Update to the latest Firefox web browser (ArcaOS)

Any ideas to explain me better what are they selling?



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