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Ghostscript 9.15 overlaying all pages of a PostScript file (AOS-5.1)


Andrew Stephenson:
Am in a tearing panic to get my tax PDFs generated and Ghostscript 9.15 (+ GSView 5-something) decides to overlay all four (4) pages of a spreadsheet made by Borland Quattro Pro 4  ("QP").  (Yes, unreadable mess.)  Searching the PS code, I find four (4) "showpage restore" instructions, which I take to be points where GS should put page breaks for Lucide to pick up on.  The QP is a copy I've been using for years, so I'm pretty sure it's okay -- but before GS 9.15 I was re-using GS 9.02, which does the same trick.  So is Lucide playing Silly Beggars?

Thanks in advance for any bright ideas for a quick cure, gang.

Hi Andrew

Can you print from QP?
If "Yes" , select to Print then select Properties.
Select the Output tab then check Print to Raw Postscript File and enter where to save file to.
Then you can use [Unixroot]:\usr\bin\ps2pdf.cmd to convert from PS tp PDF eg

J:\USR\BIN>ps2pdf S:\Backups\H\18032011\test.ps S:\Backups\H\18032011\test.pdf


The above converts a 2 page PS file to a 2 page PDF file successfully, Lucide has no problems displaying it.

Hope the above helps


Hi Andrew,

I assume you know we have a working version of OpenOffice for OS/2 - It works very well when friends bring spreadsheets and complicated docs that don't print well from their windows machines.  There is also Lucide and GSView (which requires Ghostscript to work).


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