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Are there any 8GB Nvme compatiable motherboard

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Eugene Tucker:
My personal recommendations are the Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) . And the Asrock B550M-HDV.

Hi Doug

This is "on the wiki" and works quite well  https://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php?title=MSI_B450M_PRO-VDH_MAX

After boot and with Seamonkey running this is the output from mem/v

H:\sys\bin>mem /v

Total physical memory:     14,271 MB
Accessible to system:       3,036 MB
Additional (PAE) memory:   11,235 MB

Resident memory:              259 MB
Available virtual memory:   2,827 MB

Available process memory:
  Private low memory:         278 MB
  Private high memory:      1,792 MB
  Shared low memory:          199 MB
  Shared high memory:       1,587 MB



Neil Waldhauer:
I'd recommend any modern PC with a slot for your video card. The CPU can be Intel or AMD. PCie to NVMe adapters work fine with Arca Noae's NVMe driver, but I recommend a newer computer with built-in NVMe support. There are no reasonable modern video choices that have SNAP support.

Using a modern monitor with VGA or DVI is sub-optimal. DisplayPort and to a lesser extent HDMI lead to higher quality video. It would be nice to have a video driver and audio driver that could support DisplayPort and HDMI.


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