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Are there any 8GB Nvme compatiable motherboard

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Doug Clark:
Oops - I really meant 4 GB for OS/2 and some more for RAM disk.  Since I think of memory in either 8GB or 16GB units/sticks - I said 8 GB.  I should have said "with a nice linear memory map" - cause that is what I really meant.  I guess I wouldn't oppose a 12 GB ram disk - but 4gb is probably enough.

I am looking for a desktop because I am hooked on using dual monitors - which means SNAP, which means either a built in graphics chip that SNAP supports with 2 outputs, or a desktop so I can use my Radeon x600 PCI card.

ArcaNoae has released a test program that you can run on a perspective computer to see what features/attributes it supports or has.  But I can't realistically take a USB stick into MicroCenter and run it on boxed motherboards. 

Dariusz's idea of an adapter is good - if adapters (PCIe - NVMe) work in OS/2.

But my fear is: everything you can buy now has issues with a non-linear memory map but everything you can buy now has NVMe built it. So I am probably looking at used - not from Microcenter.  < edit - just checked an apparently you can still get the MSI 550A Pro motherboard - so I will be looking at that.  It appears to only have 2 PCIe tiny slots and one large PCIe-x16 slot.  I have seen a PCIe-x1 to PCI adapter so maybe that would work from my serial port card.

Doug Clark:

Can OS/2 see the full 4gb of memory on your MSI B550A-pro?

Hi Doug,

Yes it sees all 4GB.

A question, what 2 monitors are you using?  I have a 28 inch HDMI 16:10 (1920x1200) which allows my old eyes to see all I need.

Doug Clark:
I have two run of the mill Dell 27 inch monitors - they aren't even the same exact units but close enough.  Each 1920x1080

I have them hooked up to a  dual-head KVM so that I can share them between multiple computers.  I am using VGA because the Radeon outputs either DVI or VGA and the VGA version of the dual KVM was much cheaper. 

I tried a 49 inch monitor - thinking that I could use the Radeon to drive each half of the 49 inch monitor thought its picuture by picture feature.  But the conversion from VGA to HDMI that the monitor wanted didn't work very well. (I don't think there is a 49 inch that accepts VGA)  And what I discovered is one 49 inch monitor weighs much more than two 27 inchers.  The result being the 49 inch shakes alot when the desk is bumped which doesn't happen with the two 27 inchers.  Plus 27 inch monitors are so cheap now - so I sent the 49 inch back.

It sounds as if you have something like I do - a number of monitors connected to several computers via KVM switches except my KVMs are HDMI/usb units and all the monitors are 16:10 units (the extra height pixels make all the difference).  I am now playing with the idea of connecting the computers that are upstairs to the three monitors on the middle floor to save me having to run up and down two flights of stairs to keep an eye on what is going on.

I had several vga push button KVM switches but decided to go with hdmi auto switching when a new computer comes on line plus the length of hdmi cable is much greater than vga and the switching is by a remote push button unit so the actual switch unit can be tucked out of the way behind the computers.  Any thing to make life easier considering I'm 80 plus.


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