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The last nail in OS/2's coffin

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--- Quote from: Lars on February 01, 2024, 06:52:08 am ---What OS/2 applications do exist where you would not find an equivalent under Linux (or Windows)?
And more importantly: what developer would bother with OS/2 development tools?

--- End quote ---

I got the feeling this is the main question and the main topic keeping the OS/2 architecture alive in the community (apart from the big commercial customers, which have economic interests in keeping their OS/2 installed base up-to-date).
It's the user experience.
I for myself have used OSes starting from the ZX Spectrum, saw and played with the first Mac and Amiga 1000, I still have three Spectrum(s) and a Sinclair QL, a Commodore 64, a 128 and an Amiga, I use Windows on a daily basis starting from Win 3.1, used Linux and still use Linux on the PC placed under the family TV, installed many unix flavors and window managers from fwm to KDE, GNOME, Ubuntu-based, Free BSD, Slackware, OpenSuSE, I even tried Sun Solaris 10 (still have three install DVDs for it).

I always find myself more comfortable with OS/2 GUI and overall with its system, even though I often get annoyed by its shortcomings.
Just an example: our CMD shell is lacking many features, like file and directory completion, a good command history, a complete 32 bit environment (it's still 16 bit IIRC), but nonetheless I feel pretty much at home into it.

So yes, I know I'll somehow keep at least an OS/2 machine at home, virtualized or on a bare metal machine. This, and the big investment I made in all these years, are my reasons.

--- Quote ---I can tell you from my own experience that this becomes an increasing problem. One version of Watcom being incompatible with the next and unfortunately picking the "official" version does not help because it is the one that is buggy.

--- End quote ---

And this is a typical user community problem. We are shrinking, there's no doubt about it... Sadly I don't have real answers here.


Sometimes i feel like I am the only one who uses OS/2 really "as a user". I'm not a programmer, just using it for my work daily. And I'm very happy with it!
Many people complain and i understand why. But i don't need my sytem for any internet-/game/-programming stuff. I use it mainly for writing, calculating, reading and organizing. also for handling my music files. For this OS/2 is perfect. Using it since vers. 2.11.
I wouldn't want any other OS to work with.
Am I really the only one?

Hope, OS/2 will not die!
Thanks to everyone who keeps it alive! Hope you guys don't get extinct...

Per E. Johannessen:

--- Quote ---Am I really the only one?
--- End quote ---

No, you're not.
I'm using it for both personal and business, and if we had a working browser and odbc (dBase) driver it would be nearly perfect.

Dave Yeo:
Same here, though once again the browser is becoming a problem. While Linux is nice in that the hardware just works, it works well enough under OS/2 and Linux just feels klunky, and of course Windows just gets in the way thinking it knows best.

Hi All

I have to join in to say that I have been looking for a replacement OS since IBM announced OS/2's demise in 2000(?) and have not found anything that I am as happy to use.

The main problem I am currently bumping into is the same as everyone else: We do not have a capable browser. Seamonkey (and, I guess, Firefox) no longer work very well - if at all - on a lot of websites; Doodle (qt5) is simply too flaky to use due to crashes and system hangs.

Thanks to all who have kept OS/2 alive to date.




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