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Neil Waldhauer:
I recently obtained a copy of IBM APL2 for OS/2

The previous owner gave me a load of books, magazines and notes on APL. (see photos)

If any APL enthusiast wants these, let me know. I'm in the Santa Cruz, California.

It's even the advanced edition in the later packaging.

APL2/2 Advanced provides the following additional features:
 o  Interfaces to the DB2/2 database system
 o  TCP/IP Socket Interface
 o  Cooperative processing across a TCP/IP network, providing the
    capability to:
    -  Share variables with MVS, VM, AIX/6000, OS/2, and Solaris
    -  Share variables with remote auxiliary processors for
       access to graphical user interface (GUI), database, and
       other system services
    -  Run a session manager communicating with an APL2
       interpreter on a remote platform
    -  Distribute parts of an application across multiple
    -  Build a network server

Neil Waldhauer:
More pictures of the APL box and contents

Neil Waldhauer:
Some more photos of contents

Martin Iturbide:
Awesome, Thanks !!


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