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Hello . I found many themes for ecomstation on the internet but how can i use it with arcaos ?
Is there a easy way to install them ?
Must i use a special program ?

David Graser:
To my knowledge you cannot.

I am just guessing, but these are two different branches of OS/2.

eComStation had more graphical improvements and adjustments than ArcaOS.  However, something happened and they never fulfilled the expectations of the people that used it and suddenly went dark (quiet).

ArcaNoae licensed from IBM starting with OS/2 and adding some of the graphical upgrades, but not all. It appears they did not or were not able to include a lot of the improvements that eComStation had done for customizaation.

You have to have specially developed themes (BigIcons) for ArcaOS. You cannot customize the OS as easily as ecomstation.

Maybe someone with more knowledge can correct me and descibe in detail what happened.

There was an old program called ColourManager/2 which would have filled in a lot of the gaps, however, it does not work on ArcaOS.  I tried it. 

Martin Iturbide:

As far as I know there was this software called eSchemes on eComStation.
That uses some schemes that are listed in hobbes. The eSchemes files are SCH, but do not confuse them with the "sound SCH Themes".  jacco123, are those the ones you are talking about?

There is a version available for download of eSchemes (2019-01), but I haven't used in ArcaOS. I don't know if it can be good or bad to use it under ArcaOS, if so, I recommend trying it first on a VM, just to see if you get the results you want.  I don't know if Dmitry A. Steklenev (Glassman) owns that software, and can eventually update it and offer it for ArcaOS.

But, if you only want to customize the icons in ArcaOS, I recommend you checking the "BigIcons thread".


Martin Iturbide:

I took back some of my words, eScheme installed fine in my ArcaOS 5.1 VM. I haven't seen any conflict with DynamicIcons (bigIcons) yet.  But I think I have some issues with the latest XWP and the new font sizes selection functionality. Use it with caution.

The downloaded eScheme is the full version, but it gives you a screen on each boot saying that to remove that screen you need to buy the NeoWPS from eCo Software.


David Graser:
I tried to update my NeoWPS registration from Mensys.  Everytime it said an email was sent, I never received it.  I beginning to wonder if the US government is blocking it.  Buying software from Russia is becoming impossible.


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