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Dave Yeo:

--- Quote from: Pete2 on February 18, 2024, 08:56:11 am ---I've used Resmgr (from Hobbes) in the past - too long ago to recall any details.

--- End quote ---

On AOS, should be installed in X:\sys\bin so on your path.

--- Code: ---H:\tmp>resmgr
Operating System/2  Resource Manager
Version 0.06.000 Apr 29 2002
(C) Copyright Martin Lafaix 1995-1996, 2002
All rights reserved.

Usage:  resmgr <option> <.RES file> [id.type] [file] [-l1:<error log>] [-l2:<install log>] [-q]
        -a              - Add specified resources
        -d              - Delete specified resources
        -l              - List resources (short format)
        -v              - List resources (long format)
        -x              - Extract specified resources
        -h              - Access Help

        .RES file       = .RES, .EXE or .DLL file name
        file            = Input or output file name
        type            = Resource type or *
        id              = Resource ID or *

Possible type value (with -d, -l, -v or -x):

  Acceltable Bitmap   Chartbl Dialog  Displayinfo  Dlginclude Fd     Fddir
  Fkalong    Fkashort Font    Fontdir Helpsubtable Helptable  Keytbl Menu
  Messagetable        Pointer RCData  Stringtable  Vkeytbl

Optional parameters:
        -l1:<file>      - Log errors to <file>
        -l2:<file>      - Log results to <file>
        -q              - Suppress most results

Environment variables:
        TMP=temporary file path
        TEMP=temporary file path
Exiting - rc = 0

--- End code ---

Alex Taylor:
If you want all the icons in the DLL, easiest way is to use RDC which is included with the RESMGR package.

--- Code: ---rdc <dllname>
--- End code ---
But copy the DLL to a temporary directory first, because depending on the DLL this can output a large number of files.

Ibrahim Hakeem:

--- Quote from: David Graser on February 16, 2024, 04:23:53 pm ---What were your steps to migrate eSchemes from eCS to ArcaOS?

--- End quote ---

Hi David. If I recall correctly, all that I had to do was copy over the eSchemes/ThemeMGR folder from eCS, under the same directory structure as it's found in eCS.


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