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Silvan Scherrer:

--- Quote from: Alex Taylor on February 01, 2024, 02:13:37 pm ---FWIW, I understand from Steven that his repository should be considered the "current" one.

--- End quote ---
hmm official w/o bugtracker is a bit....
As sending bugs via email is last century. And all those get forgotten anyway. just my opinion.

As a very wild ass guess, it might have to do with this change added by Juri to the Watcom 2 (fixing my problem):


But I am far from being sure. I am not a compiler expert.

Steven Levine:
When talking about repositories, current is a subjective term.  The same is true for which is best.

The OpenWatcom repository Gregg and I maintain was intended as a placeholder until Michal got openwatcom.org back up an running.  The lack of an issues tracker was an oversight, which has been corrected. Silvan is the first to mention it.

Gregg and I had commits that needed to be made, so the repo came to be.

The repository is a fork of Jiri Malak's https://github.com/open-watcom/owp4v1copy, which is about 3 years old.
Jiri's owp4v1copy was current as of when the Perforce repository went away.

Jiri's owp4v1copy is significantly newer than iainnicol's.

Jiri's OpenWatcom repositories have been around for a while.  He created them back in 2012.

Dave Yeo:
So Jiri has two github repositories? Reading the newsgroup, I see his announcement on 07/30/12 and then Lynn posting on 02/13/14 "The Open Watcom unofficial fork project has its
own version 2.0 now", to quote Jiri further down the thread,

--- Quote ---Initial base is at change 37426 (OW 1.9).
All important changes after 37426 were aplied to V2 fork.
Some changes were not included because they are problematic or introduce
some problem.

Anyway V2 fork is too different from Perforce now that back nerge to OW 1.9
has no much sense.
I think that oficial OW is now realy dead.

--- End quote ---

Now I have to restart SeaMonkey as it is not happy after downloading the 13.5K headers that were on the news server, openwatcom contributers.
Actually, should I download all the bodies and make them available somewhere, I have access to the other newsgroups that were carried on the Open Watcom news server as well, back to around 2005.

Silvan Scherrer:

--- Quote from: Steven Levine on February 02, 2024, 02:37:21 am ---The lack of an issues tracker was an oversight, which has been corrected. Silvan is the first to mention it.

--- End quote ---
perfect thanks. makes life easier.


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