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Boot from iscsi or fiber channel

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Martin Iturbide:

What is the difference between using iSCSI, Fiber Channel for a remote boot of a diskless thin client, if we compare it RIPL and PXE used by IBM WorkSpace On-Demand? It is just the protocols?

I was told that PXE or RIPL were supported on IBM WorkSpace On-Demand 2.0 (for OS/2), but never try harder to experiment it. Making a little "IBM WorkSpace On-Demand" OS/2 lab (even with VMs) is my wish list.   ;D


I would offer that you can build up a Windows or Linux OS that boots diskless in your corporate environment. All infrastructure is 64-bit (OS, hba software, etc.), and the OS is up and running.

On that minimal HostOS that now has all the infrastructure in place, run only Virtualbox and ArcaOS within a VM, and run that VM full-screen. Within the VM, ArcaOS has access to all resources of the HostOS, including 64-bit apps. If the HostOS can provide it, most likely ArcaOS can access it virtually. At this point, you've captured the ArcaOS setup via the HostOS, wrt backups & such.

You'll need to license ArcaOS, and most likely Virtualbox (in a corporate environment), in addition to whatever HostOS requirements might be needed for ISCSI, FC, etc.

Look in the Virtualization category of OS2World for all the AToF documents which describe the approach to virtualizing ArcaOS, and which gets you around all this device driver grief.

Hope this helps!


--- Quote from: j on February 13, 2024, 06:37:53 am ---What about fiber channel, is there any FC adapter known to work with OS/2?

--- End quote ---
Yes, of course. The Compaq StorageWorks around 1999/2000 supported OS/2 Warp Server (http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c00688043.pdf).

For those interested the attached pdf should give the general requirements.


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