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Does anyone have OS/2 2.11 on CD-ROM that they want to sell?

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Does anyone have a boxed copy of OS/2 2.11 on CD-ROM that they want to sell, Either English (US) or English (UK)?

I missed-out on one on eBay recently and whilst I know it's available on Archive.org I'm looking for the real article. Preferably boxed and still sealed, although that might be something of a unicorn!


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Richard.

I don't have that edition but I like to keep track to the Box/Part Numbers on the OS2World wiki.
If you find one, or at least some pictures, please let me know.
- https://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php?title=IBM_OS/2_2.11

I'm not sure if is that easy to track the Part Number, since some boxes seems to see the same 2.1 with an sticker over it. Are those different for the CD-ROM ? I don't know.


Hi Martin,

Here's the one I missed-out on. Unfortunately the part number isn't shown but you can see a couple of pictures of the box:



Martin Iturbide:
Wow !! I never thought it will get that bid.

Thanks for the pointer. I had updated the pictures on the wiki too.

Richard, if you are a collector and you think some interesting pictures are missing on the OS2World wiki, just let me know here.


Sorry Martin, I forgot to reply to this! I'll go through my collection and cross-reference whatever you already have photos off. If there are any gaps I'll take some photos and PM them to you.


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