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Does anyone have OS/2 2.11 on CD-ROM that they want to sell?

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Martin Iturbide:

Just a funny note here. There are some issues with OS/2 2.1 and OS/2 2.11 box part numbers.

1) This ref says: "OS/2 2.1 (61G0900, 61G0901, 61G0902, 61G0903, 61G0904, 61G1877)"

2) Here I have pictures of "61G0900" where it says it is 2.11 (2.1 box + 2.11 Sticker)

3) OS/2 Museum explains: "Part numbers are also an interesting puzzle. In the pictures of the previously-linked-to 3.5″ 2.11 eBay listing, the bottom of the box plainly shows 61G0900, which was also the part # (as far as I have been able to tell) of the original, non-upgrade-edition 2.1 3.5″ floppy release from almost a year prior. "

It also applies for:
- IBM OS/2 2.11 - English - 63G4589  - 3.5" diskettes - Full Version
- IBM OS/2 2.11 - German - 63G3901 - 3.5" diskettes - Full Version

Maybe it also applies for the CD-ROM box.  Just a heads up that if you want to buy these version check the Part Number and the Pictures.

I don't have more pictures to compare.


Martin Iturbide:
Hello again

I noticed that my "Box Picture Collection" on the OS2World Wiki was a mess, so I took to time this weekend to try to organize it.

Here it is the Wiki Category trying to be the thread for the IBM OS/2 boxes.
- https://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php?title=Category:IBM_Product_Package

And it is also fun checking the international sites trying to find OS/2 boxes in different languages.
Everybody is welcome to post pictures and I will include those on the wiki.


Hi Martin,

That box picture collection looks much better now - much easier to see! Later this week I'll cross reference those with all the boxes I have and send you photos of any that you don't have so far.


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