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using DETACH to make the desktop more responsive


Greg Pringle:
When a command line program is running that does not need user input then DETACH makes the program run better. It does not interact with the desktop so the desktop runs like it has the computer to itself. This has been particularly useful for java based programs which can be run in the background.

Tried this with java apps that spawn a gui window. Jreepad functioned normal. Jripper was OK except that Alt-Q would not exit, only highlight the button. Use mouse for close button works. Will test more. Thanks, is great feature!

Martin Iturbide:
Hello Greg

Do you think it can be good to write a very short article for the OS2World Wiki about Detach?
I tried to find more information about it online and I was not able to find much.

Only this:


Greg Pringle:
I will take some time and look writing about it. I do not want to give incorrect information.


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