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Sound Volume Issue - Different Levels between Master Volume and XWPSound


Martin Iturbide:

Today I was playing a little bit with ArcaOS 5.1 on my Thinkpad T14s with the sound. I have Uniaud 3.1.3 here.

My issue is:
1) If I play a sound by double clicking it, and I'm an 100% volume. It sounds supposedly at 100%.
2) If I play the same sound from the "Sound" (XWPSound) settings on "Multimedia", and put the volume at 100% and press "Play" is sound a lot louder (like 30% more) than what was supposedly 100% by double clicking the wav file.
3) I'm comparing the sound and I think that 100% in the Master Volume (volume.exe), is the same as 70% on the XWPSound volume. 

Can you please give it a try to see if that also happens to you? I'm attaching a screenshot to help you understand what I'm doing.

Any ideas why is this happening? The preference is to have the louder volume as 100% in all the ArcaOS system.


The effective volume is the "product" of the master volume and the application volume.The sound driver effectively multiplies these 2 values when it receives a request to change the volume (at least, it should do that...). For a sound played via the WPS, no application volume has been set, so what would that be?
It is the default value set in MMPM2.INI via the "PARMSTRING" value for the Uniaud ampmixer (in the case of Uniaud). In that value string look for VOL and increase that to 100. Reboot and you should be set to a louder volume.


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