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Install Arca OS via USB stick

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Jochen Schäfer:
You should be able to log in to the Arca Noae website and generate a new archive of your purchase. But be patient, it will take some time.

Neil Waldhauer:
If all you have is the .ISO, then burn a DVD and boot a computer from it. Once booted, you can go to the /AOSBOOT directory and execute AOSBOOT <drive letter of USB stick> <ISO filename>.

If you have an OS/2 computer running, you can skip the DVD part.

Dave Yeo:

--- Quote from: gt on April 11, 2024, 11:24:55 am ---Thanks all, unfortunately, I don't have the .7z file anymore, just the ISO. It's bought and paid for, but it was a couple of years ago now, so I can't re-download it. So I guess the tools I need to make an installer aren't freely available? If not, I'll try Arca Noae.



--- End quote ---

You need the correct version of dfsanwin.exe, not a another copy of the ISO. I'd suggest writing Arca Noae and asking where to download it from. Usually it is available from the same place the ISO is, but it has been a while since your version was released.


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