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Martin Iturbide:

I know that some components of the IBM OS/2 Toolkit are already on the Netlabs RPM.
But I was wondering if the sc.exe compiler and nmake.exe can be included as "os2tk45" packages.

Or if David's repackage of the "IBM OS/2 Toolkit" has something updated/improved that can be of interest to be includes on the "os2tk45" packages. (https://88watts.net/dlfile.php?F=Os2Tk45-)

The dream is just to have run some "yum install" command have a complete IBM OS/2 Toolkit on your dev system.


Martin Iturbide:

Just drifting away from this topic, I noticed that some SOM Dlls are different size and date from the OS/2 TK 4.5 and the ones installed in ArcaOS 5.1.
(Picture Attached).


Dave Yeo:
With the toolkit som.dll.

--- Code: --- 6-30-99  7:17p       133,593    124 a---  som.dll

[H:\tmp]lxlite som.dll
┌[ lxLite ]───────────────────────────────────┬[ Version 1.3.9 ]┐
├ Copyright 1996,97 by FRIENDS software       ├    All rights   ┤
├ Copyright 2001,03 by Max Alekseyev          ├     reserved    ┤
├ Copyright 2008-10 by OS/4 team              ├                 ┤
├ Copyright 2011    by Steven H. Levine       ├                 ┤
├ Copyright 2017-23 by bww bitwise works GmbH └─────────────────┘
├ The file som.dll contains 1932 bytes in non-resident names table
├                     som.dll initial: 133593 final: 93250 gain: 30.2%
├┤Total gain: 40343 bytes

 6-30-99  7:17p        93,250    124 a---  som.dll

--- End code ---

Time stamp might be off due to zip or such screwing up the timezone
Edit: ignore what I said about the timestamp, possible it was rebuilt for the release with /exepack:2 which does similar to lxlite

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Dave

Maybe is something like that.  With lxlite SOM.DLL and SOMD.DLL get compressed, but not exactly the same size.
Should we assume that are the same files and do not worry about it?


Dave Yeo:
I'd assume the same code. Wonder if one has debug data?


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