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VNC to Ubuntu LTS

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Neil Waldhauer:
I'm trying to use our VNC to connect to Ubuntu LTS.

It looks like it's trying to work, but I can never get a password accepted.

Has anyone gotten this to work?

Andi B.:
Once I've VNC working to my NAS I think (Debian) but just checked, does not work anymore. I usually connect via RDP cause I can select the screen resolution I wanna see on the host not dependent on the physical setting of the guest. Copy/paste works too. Only drawback is the rectangular cursor shape background.

Anyway I think you need X11 for VNC and RDP instead Wayland. I've not very much experience with Linux but what I've read and tested a while ago is - VNC/RDP does not work with Wayland. Maybe this is not true anymore though. Just a hint for start searching. Probably you need to add your user to some 'allowed users' file too for VNC (as it is with RDP).

Andy Willis:
Which VNC are you using?  The old PMVNC or the newer one?

Neil Waldhauer:
So far, I'm using the latest one, VNC by Andrey Vasilkin

Progress: Ubuntu was not saving my password. I was able to log in, but each time I start Ubuntu, I need to set the VNC password. Connection only works from iOS.

Our VNC client is able to authenticate and connect, but the display is the wrong size and always just a black screen.

Andy Willis:
Which VNC server did you go with?  I will need to bring my OpenSuse laptop home and test as I have VNC working on it.  On my Linux Mint here acts like it is only binding to localhost and I haven't yet figured out how to either use ssh to connect first nor how to change the binding.   


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