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Martin Iturbide:

I need some help with Inf2Html. There is an issue while transforming to HTML some borderless tables (I guess).
I have the issue documented here: https://github.com/OS2World/UTIL-CONV-Inf2HTML/issues/1

Since this is an open source command line tool, I don't know if someone with development skills can please help with this issue, if it is easy to find out.


Jochen Schäfer:
The generated HTML for the lists is completely wrong. You don't put <ul> inside <ul>.
You have to do something like the following:

--- Code: ---<ul>
Consists of buttons and boxes that the operator can select by clicking the pointing device or using the keyboard. These messages are described in <a href="...">Button Control Window Processing.</a>

--- End code ---
you can also try to wrap the explanation in <p> making it its own paragraph, then you don't need the <br/>. But I  don't know ATM how that would look.


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