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I've been away from ArcaOS for a while, although I'd occasionally take a look here to see how things are giong. Anyway, I've been meaning to get back into it for a while as it always drags me back into its orbit when I've been away too long ;)

I'm looking at buying a 5.1 license (upgrade from 5.0) and wondered whether anyone had got that working on the UTM in Intel emulation mode on an Apple Silicone Mac? UTM is effectively QEMU with a pretty front end plus a few extra bits.

My laptop is a MBP M3 if that has any bearing. A bit of a beast so the emulation should be zippy enough I think, assuming I can get it running.

If not I'll get it set up under VirtualBox on my Intel Linux laptop instead, so all is not lost.


Roderick Klein:

Hi Roderick,

Thanks for the link - tbh I'm trying to avoid VMWare following the Broadcom buyout. I don't trust them to not ditch the free layer at the drop of a hat.

I'll probably just install on the Linux laptop.

Sean Casey:
I also can't stand Broadcom.  I have 1.5 years remaining on my vSphere Essentials license, but have already moved to Proxmox because Broadcom now wants to charge me $9,000 USD annually for what was once a $350 product plus $75 annual maintenance.

I have also been licensing VMware Workstation Pro which I have been using with OS/2 (and SCO/Win/DOS).  OS/2 works very well on Workstation Pro with two SCSI tape autoloaders I have been using with BusLogic virtual SCSI adapters. 

I read yesterday that Broadcom has released Workstation Pro as freeware for non commercial use.  This is a big win as I have been paying $99/year maintenance on each of my licenses. 

I suspect there will be little to no future investment in Workstation Pro, but Broadcom only needs to maintain its kernel module source to allow continued use of the product into the future.

Martin Iturbide:

--- Quote from: Sean Casey on May 17, 2024, 04:28:38 pm ---I read yesterday that Broadcom has released Workstation Pro as freeware for non commercial use.

--- End quote ---
Thanks for sharing that. I found this post from may 13 that confirms that. I think it was a good move to try don't annoy the non-commercial/home users of it, and also maybe to try to get some space from VirtualBox.



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