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ArcaOS 5.1 on Apple Silicone

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Martin Iturbide:
Hello Jean-Yves

I was checking the alternatives for a Mac with Apple Silicon to run ArcaOS. I don't know much about it since I don't have Macs.

If we go with the VirtualBox way to run ArcaOS as a guest, I found that there is an specific version of VirtualBox made for Apple Silicon. It is not on the main download page, but in the older releases pages:
- https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Download_Old_Builds_7_0
It is listed on the 7.0.8 release as "Deloper preview for macOS / Arm64 (M1/M2) hosts"

Will it work on the M3 Apple Silicon? I guess I would need your help Jean-Yves to confirm if it works and if you can run ArcaOS there. But maybe it is only a virtualizer and does not emulate Intel.


Sorry for late reply and thanks for looking into this. :)

I was aware of the native build for AS but I've been told to steer away from this as it's already no longer supported and from what I can tell speaking to a few people (on the webs, so pinch of salt, etc), there are no plans to resurrect it.  From memory VBox asks for escalated privileges for some of its processes - I'd rather not allow that for something that won't get security updates.

PS - I've not got around to buying 5.1 yet.  So it's not urgent.

VMware Fusion and Parallels Desktop on Apple Silicone will ONLY run AArch64 (arm64) OSs, which obviously ArcaOS isn't one of.

Now once that arm64 OS is running, then that guest OS can run x86/x86-64 binaries using Rosetta 2 for speed ups, but the Guest OS has to support that. So either way, these aren't going to work for ArcaOS.

You might be better off using 86Box or UTM for this.

Dave Yeo:
I doubt that 86box supports enough of the i386 to run OS/2 and for QEMU, they have finally fixed the bug that stopped OS/2 4.5+ running so as long as UTM has a new enough QEMU, it should work.


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