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Eric Erickson:

A physical machine that I use with Arca Noae is starting to develop some issues. So I'm looking to replace it. So what motherboards have folks been having success with V5.1. Now some of my requirements are:

* Has to have PS/2 ports for both Keyboard and Mouse (needed for my KVM Setup)
* Would like several (at least 2) PCI-E Slots so I can slap a supported network adapter if the onboard MB one is not
* 1 of the PCI-E slots will be be used for a SCSI Adapter for my tape drive
* AMD preferred over Intel
I want the 2 PS/2 ports, as while I've had success at times using USB->PS/2 Adapters, they have generally been with IBM Thinkpads and sometimes even they don't work right through my TrendNet KVM.

Thanks in Advance!

Neil Waldhauer:
The vast majority of OS/2 users are on commercial computers, not home-made from motherboards.

Any Lenovo M series desktop computer in the last 15 years would work with your requirements -- I've tried pretty much all of them.

You can go with the hobbyist market -- It's more of a hobby than a rational decision. I know several skilled hobbyists inhabit OS/2 World. If building your own computer brings joy, go for it.

You can buy refurbished computers from the many of the major electronics retail websites now.

Martin Iturbide:

I documented some reported working mainboards on the OS2World wiki, right here:
- https://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php?title=List_of_Motherboards

But I don't think they have PS2 ports anymore.


You didn't mention video output ports.  I ask because all my units are using HDMI either direct or via a DVI to HDMI adapter.

My setup is a 4 port Tcnewcl 4k KVM switch which takes USB 2.0 keyboard and trackball as well as my 28inch 1920x1200 HDMI monitor.  The main computer has a MSI A320M Pro-VD Plus motherboard, another possibility is the ASRock AB350M Pro4 - it has 2 PS/2 ports which you want.

BTW I think you should be thinking about upgrading your KVM switch to enable  you to have a much wider choice of motherboards.

Dave Yeo:
The biggest problem with new computers/MB's is how much memory OS/2 sees as they're designed with 64bit OS's in mind. Lots of reports where less then 2GB's is usable on the newest
Neil's advice about Lenovo M series is good, I picked up one, about 6 years old, for C$90 (US$65-70), works great, no PS2 ports on this one but they were an option. Most (all?) are Intel though.


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