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Bochs 2.2.6 for OS/2


Martin Iturbide:

This weekend I was playing around with some old OS/2 software and tried to run Bochs under OS/2.
- https://us01.hobbesarchive.com/pub/os2/index.php?p=apps%2Femulator&dl=Bochs_2-2-6.zip

But that version of Bochs was ported some time ago and it uses some renamed libc DLL.

Is there a change for someone to help to recompile Bochs with the newer libraries? Or maybe try of Bochs version 2.8 can compile under OS/2-ArcaOS?


Dave Yeo:
Here's the old libc and gcc DLL's. These should be collected and uploaded to Hobbes archive.
I'll try recompiling
Edit: no source with the exe, wish people would at least include the patches

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Dave. I will check the DLLs and also upload them at hobbes for reference.

I will try to contact the Bochs porter to see if he still have the source to make our life easier  :D


Dave Yeo:
I tried building it, had problems with the auto tools, both libtoolize and autoconf kept hanging here. Not sure if my environment has broke or what. Version 2.8 wants a newer autoconf as well, I tried 2.8 after changing the requirements and 2.7.
As for DLL's there's various versions of libc going back to at least libc04 and various gcc*.dll's, looking I have a dozen EMX gcc*dll's for example. Maybe we should have a archive of all the ones that can be found?


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