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eCS 2.2 YUM/RPM question

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Alex Taylor:
How are they buried?  They've already got their own dedicated page where you choose HOME and PROGRAMS.

(eCS 2.2 will add the RPM base to that page as well.)

Sigurd Fastenrath:

--- Quote from: Alex Taylor on February 01, 2013, 07:38:55 pm ---
I thought I answered these about two weeks ago on the eCS mailing list.  However, I'll answer again.

--- End quote ---

Sorry, but this informations unfortunately never reached me. Thanks though.

And once again - my Intention is not to blame someone or something, it is just that I want to point the developers to - in my opinion - some theoretical but important problems users might have or face while trying to install ecs 2.2.
Theoretical because unfortunately it is not possible to test a beta as it is reschedulded and therefore delayed from month to month.....


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