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eCS 2.2 YUM/RPM question

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Andi B.:

--- Quote ---...no easy way to trace where a package of files had been installed...
--- End quote ---
I guess most of the executables ends in %unixroot%/usr/bin or %unixroot%/usr/sbin as with other *nix systems. Configuration is often placed in %unixroot%/etc but this depends on the application too of course.

Although this means you loose some kind of control over the place where some programs are installed, it's not that bad as it sounds at first. Guess yum/rpm installation will only be used for ported utilities and applications. Hardly anyone will ever pack native OS/2 apps into rpm. So you do not have the usual level of control only for packages you did not have in the past anyway. You do not loose something but you get new ported stuff. And for this kind of apps you have to 'learn' some of the *nix paradigms anyway. Like finding the config which is on *nix usually not in an ini file (os2.ini or some ini in the programs directory or in mptn/etc or....?) but in %unixroot%/etc.

If you want to use parts of both worlds (OS/2 and *nix) then you have to know how to handle both of them. The OS/2 knowledge you gained during the last decades is not enough anymore. Time to learn something new....

Hi Andi, if it worked that way I guess it'll be quite okey. But both Java and Odin will be packed in rpm too and I think the plan is to also include e.g. Firefox in such packages. I would be surprised if not OpenOffice also will be packed as rpm, at least in some near future. As said I'm going to try it out for a longer time and see how the whole thing will work out and how high the learning curve is if you want to remain in sufficient control  :) .

Andi B, I have found the biggest problem with *nix systems is that they follow Hal from the film and always come out with the equivalent of 'I'm sorry Dave but I can't let you do that' when I try to alter some text file that they use as an ini file.

The other thing I think we need is a program like WPIVIEW only for the rpm/yum installer.  That way we could find out what is going on.

Silvan Scherrer:
please also see http://svn.netlabs.org/rpm/wiki/RpmHowToEndUsers it explains some needed yum/rpm commands. With those it's easy to find out which app installed which files. And also which packages are installed at all.
And yes we are aware of the need of a gui. It will come once.

Andreas Schnellbacher:

--- Quote from: Andi B. on January 18, 2013, 12:46:08 pm ---Hardly anyone will ever pack native OS/2 apps into rpm.

--- End quote ---

That would be possible: YUM is flexible enough. I don't think that
will happen soon or ever, because it's a lot of work to repackage
every single eCS and OS/2 system component.

I wish Mensys had used such an installer from the beginning. Maybe
we were already at the status that IBM's "migration" would be
superfluous and every e.g. ACPI, Panorama or USB update would easy
to do and to revert for everyone then.


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