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eCS 2.2 beta II installation fails with error 0x1

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I have no idea how and to whom should I report this, so I'm creating a new thread here.

I've inserted an eComStation 2.2 beta II installation DVD (that I've previously burned), booted from it, entered the registration key and made the needed configuration. The "first phase" (the one that says "Finalizing configuration" at the beginning) of the installation has started, however it has failed in around five minutes with the following message box:

--- Quote from: eComStation 2.2 beta II installer ---Error!
The first phase of installation aborted with
error code: 0x1
Refer to \var\log\ecsinst.log for details
--- End quote ---

I've closed the message box, then an another has appeared saying the installer is gonna reboot the system in twenty seconds. I've canceled it, and then the "management console" has appeared.

I've started 4OS/2 command shell, switched to the target installation drive, and changed to the \var\log directory.
There I've printed the contents of the mentioned ecsinst.log file using the type command to the console.
Here is the output:

--- Quote from: \var\log\ecsinst.log ---Checking for existing files ...
Finalizing configuration ...
Writing product catalog ...
Preparing for migration ...
Beginning the installation ...
[Sat May 24 20:13:46] DIAGINFO install is starting.
Gathering additional diagnostic information ...
[Sat May 24 20:14:02] DIAGINFO install was successful.
[Sat May 24 20:14:02] SEINST install is starting.
Installing the base operating system ...
[Sat May 24 20:14:02] Product Returned 0x1604, Unexpected condition.
[Sat May 24 20:14:02] SEINST install failed.

--- End quote ---

eComStation 2.1 installer did work okay on the same hardware.

My questions are:

* What's wrong?
* Whose fault is that?
* How to fix this?
* How and to whom can I report this failure?


How could one write such a messed up installation system?..

Okay, I've tried eCS 2.1 installation disc, which ended up with the same message in the same place.

Then I've figured out this is because of the PCI PATA controller I use. So I've temporarily connected the hard disk drive to the motherboard one. The first stage has finished (I've returned back to 2.2).

And here I already have questions. How exactly did it manage to fail? The target installation drive is ACCESSIBLE from the management console. I can read, write and even reformat it with no apparent problem. No, really, WTF?

Okay, then I've assured myself NOW it's 100% gonna be okay and rebooted the machine from the hard disk drive to finish the installation process. But with eComStation you can never be sure. The second stage has started, then the progress bar has reached the 50% mark. Cool for now. One more minute and it ... no, silly me, it didn't finish the installation, it has JUST SUDDENLY REBOOTED. Just in the middle of something it has INSTANTLY, without any message, started from BIOS POST... what else can I say?

Mensys, HOW!?

Of course, the halfway installed OS/2 was kind of corrupted (although it has booted to the desktop), so I went to the installation disc over again, filled all that forms and checked the needed check boxes, completed installation stage 1 and booted from the HD again. Again just to be sure it will fail to instant reboot the second time in the very f*cking same place.

No comment.

Too good I've zipped the system just after the first stage has finished, so I can experiment with it.

I'll disable the buggy ACPI subsystem (if it gets loaded; I assume yes, it does) for the stage two, and try to complete the installation...

... if it fails again, I'll go to the bed... already 'nuff for me.

Okay, got it. It indeed was because of ACPI. I've reformatted the drive, unzipped the archive of the system between the first and the second installation phases and corrected CONFIG.SYS so that ACPI.PSD won't get loaded.

And it has completed the installation successfully.

So, David Azarevicz, that's yours fault :P .

I know you don't read this forum, but if you need I'll give you all the needed debug information.

Alex Taylor:
Your ecsinst.log indicates that SEINST and/or RSPINST was the failing component.  (This is the base OS installer, from IBM.) The error code given was a generic one so you need to check 1_BASE.L1 for the actual error report.

There is an ACPI bugtracker on trac.netlabs.org where you can file bug reports specific to ACPI.

Checking ecsinst.log from the aborted phase two install should tell you what it was doing when the system rebooted.


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