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Martin Iturbide:
Yesterday I noticed that Google Alerts was sending me updated OS/2 related news (finally) based on OS2world news.

But I noticed it came out from a site called. I think it is cool that site is using the RSS feeds for his site and he most be doing something better than I, since he is showing on "Google Alerts", but that is not the point.

Looking at that site I started to think if changing the OS2World layout to something similar to that site or Slashdot, will be useful or not. I generally like the layout of this site as it is right now since I can post full, long software announcement and that will not be annoying on the main page, since everybody can just click on the news he likes to expand it. Or trying a new layout like the ones used on slashdot which shows you the news contents in one shot, but I think that the kind of news we have here are different from the rest.

So, what do you think? A new layout? Do you read all the OS2World news completely, of you just like to click on ones that you think are interesting?

Greggory Shaw:

--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on June 03, 2014, 02:54:56 pm ---So, what do you think? A new layout? Do you read all the OS2World news completely, of you just like to click on ones that you think are interesting?

--- End quote ---

I like the pick and choose better.

However, I would just add something like his format on a different page to os2world - I really like his full page format. Just add a little icon next the news post, so you don't have to mess with os2worlds current homepage format.

I was planning on doing something like that with news and new uploads from Hobbes too. With a rexx app, so anyone can just drag and drop their news or software on it.  It would auto upload to Hobbes and post the news auto too.

I have a working rexx app and news server, just haven't got around to it yet.



Ian Manners:
Hi Martin,

I like the front page of as it currently is, like list, newsgroups etc I find if more logical, I can scan and click on what interests me,
quick, concise and to the point :)

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks for the feedback.

Ian, I also like it that way, but I noticed that other sites don't use that design anymore. And when I asked some youngsters they said the webpage is "old school".

But from the other side, I like the structure of having on a single main page the following blocks.
1) Featured News (Max 3)
2) General News Subjects
3) Software News Subjects
4) Latest forums replies Subjects.

I think it is very easy to follow and you just click on what do you like to read.

But I need to have my mind open for alternatives, but I think that putting all news like "" will not be good for the main page, since sometime people don't want to read about the latest update for the software, only know that it had been updated and click the donwload link fast.

I used to have an idea of creating another page merging together all the mess of RSS feeds with OS/2 related information. Like trying to keep on eye on everything. Forum, Blogs, to experiment... but I never got the time to make it work. 

I don't want to see os2world in design of I like the current design.

Although you're right that os2world web site needs some work.


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