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Can't use Facebook and Twitter in Firefox

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Einar Lygre:
If I want to use Facebook and Twitter I have to reboot to Windows Vista. Fb and Tw don't work in my Firefox browser. Here is what happens: If I just switched on my PC or rebooted eCS and open www.facebook.com (or Twitter) FF open my account as expected, but I can't go any further. If I click on a link to a friend or search anyone or want to write a comment I only get a message in the lower left corner saying Waiting for Facebook.... After a minute or so the whole page is replaced with a message saying: The connection was reset. The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. If I then try to open FB again I only get the message Waiting for Facebook... It is of no help to close FF and reopen it.
But if I before I try to open Fb removes all Fb cookies, I again can open it into my account and stop there.

Some Norwegian newspaper have frames that point to Facebook. When I browse thru the paper even in these frames the message The connection was reset.. is displayed after a short time.

But there are also other situations where the browser is waiting for something that never seems to happen. If I want to buy software from Mensys I now have to do that in Vista. After ordering the software in eCS I am directed to some security check against my bank and I have to enter password etc. and I get a single message on a blank page: Processing... That takes forever and I just have to give in.

Because of this I can't use FF for much more than browsing. Strange enough I can do all my bank transaction with my main bank without problems, the same bank that is controlling my credit card info when buying from Mensys.

Versions: ecS 2.1,  - FF 10.0.11. But I have had the problems thru earlier versions of both eCS and FF.

Can anyone help me out of this situation?


Hi Einar, I don't know if this apply to your problems, but you can try: 1) In the settings page under "Advanced" there is something about network/proxies etc. Sometimes none of this options are set. Check the appropriate e.g. "direct connection to the internet". This setting caused me trouble on a single site once (I think). 2) Check that you have SET NSPR_OS2_NO_HIRES_TIMER=1  in your config.sys and that it is not rem:ed - this may cause troubles with timeouts.

Greg Pringle:
I have noticed a problem with some DNS servers and eCs. Try manually using a different DNS server.
For a test try

Try with Qupzilla instead of Firefox to see if that will work. I have a slight problem with Firefox and Facebook that doesn't show when using Qupzilla.

Einar, do you have any add-ons like noscript, flash block, adblock plus etc.?  If so check their settings you may need to either block something ow unblock something else.

One big problem we do have is that some sites try to open a link to the youtube back end and since we don't have a reliable flash player it times out and stops loading the remainder of the page.  I have to block that - ytimg.com - for several sites to allow them to open.


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