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DISKCACHE causes delays on JFS volumes

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Andy Willis:

--- Quote from: Doug Bissett on June 16, 2014, 10:25:46 pm ---This is what ConfigTool has to say about REMing it: "If you have a FAT partition on your hard drive and you REM this statement, OS/2 will automatically set up a 64k cache by default". I am not sure what it does if there is no FAT partition. You may find that any FAT device (other than diskettes) will not work without it.

--- End quote ---
I have had it remarked out for many years now as the only FAT drive I have is a rarely used USB stick (I have most with FAT32 or JFS - maybe one HPFS).  As the USB stick still works despite the REM and no FAT partition on the drive means that either it set up the 64k anyhow or there is no cacheing but it still works.


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