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SSD on IBM T23

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Hi all
I would like to upgrade the disk on my old ibm t23, a similar solution (IDE-PATA to microSATA adapter + 128GB SSD), in my case,  does it works on eCS?:


More suggestions?


I'd like suggest to use directly a PATA ssd, because the outline is just fit into the harddrive slot. And of course a cheaper solution. If you want to use sata ssd to achieve a faster read/write I'm afraid you can't get it course it's limited by IDE port.

I'm now using an old CF card + CF->IDE converter in X32. It works fine with eCS, only the speed is not satisfied. One experience I got is the installation partition for eCS should be HPFS format, JFS makes the speed extremely slow. I format another partition D: with JFS and it works fine. I don't know the reason maybe it's limited by the cache in the CF card.

I've also tried a usb stick with eSATA interface. I plugged it on the eSATA interface of a Dell latitude notebook and installed eCS successfully. Both C: and D: are formatted with JFS and the speed is quite fast.

Hope it helps.

Good to know about filesystem, Chen.
Yes,  I thought directly to a PATA SSD, but it could live more than the notebook itself, and the t23 is the only notebook I have with an IDE interface, so if it breaks before I could always use the disk  with a latest notebook or simply use an external usb case (i've only two cases with sata interfaces).
I'm not interest in performances, however, can i insert both into the slot and close it? does bios see the hd?

Andi B.:
I've a PATA SSD instead the DVD-burner in my T42p in parallel to the normal harddisk. Maybe an option for you too.

I've played with CF-PATA adapters and motherboards with direct CF sockets. Speed was always not as fast as I hoped. So from my experience CF is not a good option.

Even the SSD in the DVD bay of T42p is slower than I expected - means faster than the standard harddisk but difference is not that much. Guess the internal transfer rate is much slower than what SSD would be capable to deliver.



I've got this setup on my A31 Thinkpad: a 30 GiB MicroSATA SSD plugged into a PATA-MicroSATA adapter plugged into the PATA slot, plus an additional 500 GiB SATA HDD is plugged into one of the Ultrabays of A31 through an adapter caddy.

I have the system installed on the SSD, and got my files located on the hard drive.

I've chosen to plug the SSD into a PATA port just because 2.5" PATA hard drives either are too small, or cost too much for me.

I'm satisfied with the speed the PATA bus is capable to provide.


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