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ExQuilla for Thunderbird under eCS

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As Microsoft is tightening its grip on the corporate world (like my university where I apparently no longer can send email from my Thunderbird (v 17) email client through the exchange server), I wonder if ExQuilla (https://exquilla.zendesk.com/home) is available for ThunderBird, or if someone is working on this?

Thanks / Eirik

Dave Yeo:
Looks like closed source so hard to do much with it. You could try the Windows version with Odin I guess but I haven't looked closer then the webpage. Perhaps download, open the xpi (it's a zip file) and look to see if there are any DLLs included, if not try installing (might have to edit some of the manifest files so it doesn't care about us not being Windows) and let us know your results.

Andy Willis:
This got me curious... the addon has 4 DLLs (which look like they are pairs, one pair stable, one pair beta) which without a wrapper (like the flash and java plugin wrappers or PE) would not work with Odin (well maybe if the win32k.sys were used but even then unlikely and not recommended).  However, this is a Java solution that may be workable:
but thankfully I have no exchange server to test it with.

Dave Yeo:
The 2 DLLs are to support different versions of TB, beta probably for 31ESR. Looks like most;y just linked to the Mozilla SDK so given the source it probably would be buildable and quite possibly they're using the DLLs to enforce payment. Really Ctypes is supposed to avoid this mess allowing to load libraries cross platform though it still takes work, eg adding DosOpenModule() but unluckily our Ctypes is incomplete to say the least.

Dave and Andy,

thanks for the advice that I have started testing.  In particular, Andy's link http://davmail.sourceforge.net/ provided some useful test routines and have helped me identify parts of the problem (my employer apparently has not allowed EWS access, and asking to have that activated again is the obvious non-technical option for a non-tech guy like me).  If my employer does not allow this, I need to go the tech route.  I will keep you posted on any progress (or lack thereof) if I have to go technical.



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