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Are you going to WarpStock USA?

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Martin Iturbide:

I wanted to go to WarpStock USA this year, but sadly I do not have the funds for the trip. I will only be there via Skype --- talking about how great open source software is :) 

But I want to know who is going and to see if they can share content with community.  If you can take pictures, write review, record vide, help there with local live streaming, anything that you can share, please let me know.

I will really like that the content and things said there get preserved for the community.


Neil Waldhauer:
Warpstock is looking for someone to help with the video/sharing of the conference. Post here, or contact either Martin or me or anyone on the Warpstock board to find out more.

We've been using Skype, but we're ready to move to something more capable.

Namyn Rednas:
Martin, how short of funds (in U.S. dollars) are you, in terms of airfare travel arrangements?

Neil, please contact the Warpstock organizers and ask if there is an organizer, or attendee that can put Martin up in their home for the nights necessary for him to attend the entire event.

Neil Waldhauer:
None of the Warpstock organizers or attendees live in St. Louis. We've found someone to do the video/sharing.

Namyn Rednas:
Then someone willing to put Martin up in their room?  It would be shameful, and difficult to imagine that the man who has selflessly donated more of his time, energy, and passion then anyone I can think of, all for the benefit of the OS/2 community, keeping this very website and others alive and filling them with content, convincing authors of OS/2 software to donate and open source their software, getting authors of books to allow him to publish them for the benefit of the OS/2 community, and much more, now can't be rewarded by the simple act of someone donating the sharing of a room that is already paid for, so that he can attend Warpstock.  It won't cost anyone a dime to do that small favor.  Video sharing aside, Martin has expressed a desire to attend Warpstock, and I want to make that happen.  Please contact anyone that you personally know of that is attending Warpstock, and is willing to share their room.


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